Another Photo on the Wall

I have recently hanged some of my favorite photos on the wall. Seeing them on the wall is a totally different thing than just seeing them in a digital form. And they work as a test too. If I don’t want to tear them down immediately I must  have managed to get something right in the photographs. Another plus side is that I have got positive feedback from people who haven’t seen my photos online.

For the frames I purchased aluminium frames and some smaller deep wooden frames that were 50% off. I plan to change photos in the aluminium frames from time to time, so I placed the frames in a way that they can be put in portrait or landscape position. All in all very positive project so far.

Abandoned Factory in Tampere

I visited my friend between xmas and new year in Tampere. We had two goals for the visit. Children of Bodom gig in Pakkahuone and photoshoot in abandoned factory in Pispala, Tampere.

I don’t now many places in Finland that have abandoned places. I guess that is a good thing but also sad for the photographers since those make really interesting photo opportunities. This was the first time for me to visit such a place and I really hope not the last. Walls full of graffiti, floors full of random decay, windows with broken glass and so on appear kind of ‘beautifull’ to me. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I used several different styles for the photos from black and white to hdr to get the feeling that I felt more to the image. As a result, set might not be as uniform as it could have been but hopefully the feeling comes out better this way. And as always when editing images I had several moments where I thought ‘I should have photographed that differently’. I guess they call that a learning process. Luckily Tampere is not that far away to make another visit some time supposing that they don’t tear those nice buildings down.

And yes if you like heavy metal I highly recommend seeing Children of Bodom live.

‘Life of Helmut’ Backgrounds

In ‘Life of Helmut’ -book I wanted every background for the texts to be different. I already had one foot print picture in vector format which I cleaned in Inkscape. Mirroring it did give me left and right print. I had an old sheet of metal that was painted black. I dropped it to the ground, threw some dirt over it and scratched it with my feet. After scanning it from several angles (it didn’t fit to the scanner at one time) I had several high res scratch images ready. Add one photograph of dirt and I had images for different footprints ready.

The most fun part was making the paint splashes. I covered bathroom floor with old newspapers and A4 size sheets of paper. I took black paint and brush and started splashing the paint all over the sheets. I guess I found some kind of Jackson Pollock in me since that was really fun. It would be actually nice to try to make a bigger painting with different colors and see if it would look good.

Making several different backgrounds from those images seemed a bit boring. It’s always more fun to do some code than boring repetitive work (even if it takes the same time). So one python script later I had all backgrounds ready for the book.