Map for Fullscreen Galleria

Just finished map support Fullscreen Galleria. Now if photograph has gps info, title and description panel shows a globe icon. Icon opens a map that shows where the photograph was taken. By clicking the photograph below you can see it in action. Implementation uses  OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap. At least where I live OpenStreetMap seems to have more detail like bigger and smaller paths. That’s good since I usually have my camera with me when wandering those smaller routes. Nicer to see photo near some path (and how to get there) than in the middle of a big green blob.

New Desk

My old computer desk was a bit tight (a bit wider than space between black legs in the picture). I got the original table from SSH when it shut down the Kuopio office. Legs are height adjustable and work well so I just needed the new table tops. Glued wood board is good for that kind of thing and I managed to design desk so that I only had to saw/drill couple of holes. Besides there is room for tablet now, there is also room for a new display that would be better for photo editing. So I guess expenses don’t stop here…