Making Of: Short Life

I have drawn some basic lighting diagram items in SVG so I decided to test those in this shot. Lighting was really basic but the shot needed some post processing since I was a bit short on props. First I ate the Egg for breakfast. I only had one white background so I draw foot marks on different papers and removed edges in post processing. It was also easier to compose this way. Blood drops also needed some work since I only had black paint. Again some post processing and the drops were red.

Making of: At the Bottom of the Canyon

Mini tutorial about the steps I used to make ‘At the Bottom of the Canyon’ photo:

  1. Small river is looking nice but the photo is bland.
  2. Converted the RAW file looking just the river, so green parts are getting too bright.
  3. Converted darker version for greens. Then I burned the corners even more.
  4. Branch at middle was really distracting so I cloned it away.

I added normal sharpening and minor adjustments at the end to get the final photo.