Photoshoot in old factory

Eeva Karhunen contacted Kuopio Camera Club to arrange a photoshoot. Old factory in Kuopio was selected as a scene for the shoot. I have never done a photoshoot with an actual model so at first I wasn’t sure if I’m going to the shoot. There was two other camera club members in the shoot, so that helped. Although ‘theme’ was totally different from ‘Life of Helmut’ photoshoot the real shooting wasn’t that different. There are many books about shooting portraits. They usually talk about lighting, camera gear/settings and post processing but not so much how to direct the model. I think this is where I should do most of my learning.


Association of Finnish Camera Clubs (Suomen Kameraseurojen Liitto) has annual ‘Seuracup’ (Cup of Clubs?). Kuopio Camera Club attended and three of my photos got to the exhibition. One even with certificate of honor. Me, happy.

Sporty Portrait

My son wanted to have sporty portrait. I had read Scott Kelby’s “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It” (Amazon) earlier and remembered that it has a setup (chapter 6) that could be used as a starting point for this. I don’t have all the gear that was used in the original setup so I used speedlights instead of studio strobes etc. I also ended adding background texture in photoshop which is a photo of galvanized steel plate colorized green. Another example that you should also remember to photograph interesting looking textures. You never know when you will need those.

Unexpected fame

This photo jumped to #7 at Fickr explore. I didn’t think it was that special when I uploaded it. I Actually liked “Cold Drops” more. Never the less the photo went to my most viewed/commented/favorited photo in just one weekend. A big thank to all of you.