Ice Cold

Camera Club of Kuopio have a monthly theme for photos. As a winner of the previous month I got to choose a new theme ‘Kitchen’. Decided to select easy theme that has lots of possibilities. Nevertheless I got lots of ‘What, Kitchen?’ comments. Well here’s one shot of a cold drink. Unfortunately it was just water. I used Rosco Strobist Collection gel (Amazon) on front of the Yongnuo speedlight (Amazon) to get the blue color to the picture. Probably would have been possible in photoshop too but it was easier this way. Glass is on black/smoke colored acrylic glass and at the back there is a white/milk plate from the same material.


Reflecting Rays got HM from SKSL in seuracup.


Another ‘Picture of the Month’ with self portrait. This one was taken when testing lights for the ‘Sporty portrait’. I like to test lights before actual model comes to ‘stage’. This is especially important when it’s someone like my son who has very little patience. A bit surprised about the win since it’s not for everyones’ taste. My wife’s first comment was ‘gross’.

Hard Days Night

My son and I went to ‘Hard Days Night’ at Kuopio Halli. We arrived early so there was still room at the fence and we got good positions. Sonata Arctica was the lead performer of the evening and I thought that I’ll have my D800 (Amazon) with me. It’s not easy to balance enjoying the music and photographing. I think they both suffer. But since there was no pressure getting good photos I did put my camera to the bag for long times and just enjoyed the music. But still I noticed I was thinking “There was a good expression” and “that headbanging was nice” from time to time.