End of All Hope

This is the first photo that is specifically made for the new project Darkest Days. I was a tight space so I used Manfrotto spring clamp (Amazon) to attach umbrella to the cabinet door in the toilet. Flash was just put to the top of the cabinet. For the gun prop I used a cheap Marui Glock 17 air soft gun.

There was an old frying pan going to the trash but I spotted the grungy texture and saved it. I photographed it and I have already used it in Darkest Days text and in this photo.


Darkest Days

I have been thinking this project for a long time. Plan is to make a similar book as ‘Life of Helmut’ is from it. I have talked about it with my friend and when he wrote a poem/lyrics that suits it perfectly, I thought it’s time to get it started.

It will swim in dark waters of human mind and the tone will be as hopeless as is the mind of a person in his/her darkest days.  Some might be even disgusted by some of the photos I have in my mind, since my style is not the most delicate one. I’m not after a shock effect but I see arousing strong feelings as a good thing. It remains to be seen if they can arouse other thoughts too.


Darkest Days


Dream Flash?

I use cheap manual flashes like Yongnuo YN560 (Amazon) and radio trickers. Manual is pretty easy to handle but walking between camera and flashes is boring. Why manual flash could not have a radio tricker build in? Just on/off and group select buttons. Separate controller on camera would then control them all. I guess it would be too easy…