I have always found 1x.com a great place to get inspired and to find great photos. Today I was positively surprised to find that my photo was accepted to the site.

Peeks in 1x.com


Peeks and Ha Ha! setup

Original idea was to put my son and me to the same picture. It didn’t work and “Ha Ha!” picture has only my son in it. So there was some pictures of me left. I thought that 3×3 grid might look good but after selecting pictures there was only seven that would fit the “Peeks”. I decided to use one hand and one skull for the remaining tiles. I think that was a good thing since filling all nine tiles with similar pictures would have not worked as good as this.

Making of: Broken

When photographing ‘Noose’ I did one self-portrait with same style of side lighting. I wanted to do a picture which gives a feeling that your head is exploding and you are just in the edge of losing it so I heavily edited the face with Topaz Adjust plugin. Mask for the cracks and parts missing from the face were from the picture of the wall that had seen it’s better days. Texture in the background is from the back of the leather chair. It was orange but for this picture it turned to blood-red.



I wanted a dramatic side light here and ended to a setup with lot’s of light stands. Photo itself is simple and is probably going to be a cover photo for the Darkest Days book.