No One Can Hear Your Scream

I decided to play with different lights. I had fluorescent work light (Amazon) and Nissin Di866 flash (Amazon). I used fluorescent light to show movement in 4s exposure. I set flash to rear sync so it light up the face at the end of the exposure. At the start of the exposure I kept my head steady for a while then moved it forward slowly until flash fired. This way I got ghostly movement and bright face in one exposure.

Head Full of Booze

Idea for this came from my friend who had this Crystal Head (Amazon) vodka bottle. The setup is pretty much the same as in Ice Cold but this time it was photographed upside down to get the liquid to the head. Since the plain vodka is colourless I used red food colouring (Amazon) and water to spice it up a little. Keeping plates straight was so difficult that I ended up replacing the background with gradient to get rid of the wonky plates.