I’m Gonna Get You

Camera Club theme of the month is ‘Rule of Thirds’ and I was thinking something that would place eye on one of the points. This horror themed picture came to mind. I made crack from black paper. I could have made that in photoshop but this way I got soft edges with real ‘out of focus’. I used red Rosco (Amazon) gel in flash which was located under my head to get ‘horror’ effect. I photographed my face with front flash separately and used eye from that photo since it was too dark in the main photo.


My friend loves everything with combustion engine. We took some photos about motorcycling earlier and this time it was snowmobile. We tried attaching camera to snowmobile similar that we did with the motorcycle but there was too much vibration to get long enough shutter speeds. We were on the lake near the shore and it was pretty amazing how that thing accelerates although there was soft snow on the ice.

Ski Jumping World Cup in Puijo

Local Camera Club got some photo passes to FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Puijo. I was photographing rehearsal day and it had better weather than the actual competition day. Haven’t done so much sports photography but I think I got some nice pictures. When selecting photos I even found good panning shot (so I didn’t have to fake it in edit…). I took ‘And… He Goes Out of the Frame’ without tripod but managed to align layers close enough with photoshop’s Auto-Align Layers feature. At top of the hill there was some overlapping photos so I dropped a couple of frames and moved one jumper bit to the left and up so I got nice curve of jumpers.


Winter is good time for steel wool photography. There’s snow everywhere so you don’t have to be so careful with the sparks. We went to couple of places with my friend and took bunch of photos. Exposure time was 30s in all pictures. It seems to work well and you can burn one whisk of steel wool in that time. I used totally wrong white balance in Vortex #2 to get more electric look. White balance was selected based on what looks good / mood rather than what’s correct in other photos too.

Forgive Me

Pretty simple setup. Used grid in beauty dish (Amazon) to get tight light to the hands. Black and white conversion in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 (Amazon). Masked some red back to wrists after wards.