I have seen several different takes similar to this one on the internet but it’s such a good idea that wanted to try one for myself too. Black and white version did not work as good as I hoped so I left a little bit of color to the photo. All pictures where taken separately and half of them are actually taken in a different part of Finland.


Had to do some push ups to get this picture. I was between two chairs to get my feet up in the air. I guess I should do more exercise since after ten or more pictures my hands started to be pretty tired…


Bulb Illusion

“Illusion of Light” That is the theme for this month in local camera club. I took it quite literally and made a picture that has illusionist with a light bulb. At editing stage I added glowing wire from another photo and then quite strong bleach bypass effect. I think it fits to this “dark magician” theme.

One light studio setup

I made a short video (in Finnish) about setting up simple one light studio setup. I use came club studio and my purpose was to show how easy it is to take a decent portrait in with studio lights.

Camera Gear Photos

We needed some camera gear photos for camera club documentation so I opened my light tent and started taking some pictures. I blowed (Amazon) all the lenses before photographing but I still had to remove dust in Photoshop quite a lot.