2nd International Photography Competition

Post came and brought me honorable mention to ‘Peeks’ from Turkey.

Mmm, Chocolate

Camera club theme of the month is ‘Delicious’. I already took one food photo so I though I’ll make something a bit different. Selfie was an obvious choice for me but how to mix me and delicious in the same picture. Not the first combination that comes to the mind. Chocolate to the rescue. Covering bald head with chocolate should be crazy enough. Final picture is a combination of four pictures to get chocolate on head, chocolate flow and arm position right.


I wanted to do something more graphical and took a silhouette picture from myself. I like “Reaching for the Sky” photo and started rotating it on top of the silhouette using screen blend mode. After some time I found a place where branches look like an eye and mouth. I had several paint splash pictures from “Life of Helmut” project and used those to make brushes to photoshop. Using those brushes I gave some life to edges. I’m pretty happy with the result.