Evil Eye

Local camera club bought some old background canvases. We were finishing the installation and took some test pictures. I usually make backgrounds in Photoshop and even though we had background ready this time I ended up colouring it.

3rd Taichung International Exhibition of Photography

This seems to be award delivery week since Salon Bronze for “Broken” and HMs for “The Individual” and “Looking at the Moon” also arrived.

Welsh International Salon

Highly Commented award for Peeks came from Wales, GB.

1st International Salon of Photography “MNE OPEN 2013”

Salon Bronze for Men from Montenegro.

How Much Can You Crop?

Nowadays cameras have high megapixel sensors and you can crop images pretty heavily and still get usable images. In Nikon D800 you can shoot in DX mode (APS-C mode) and get 15.4MPix images. If your target is web you can go even further and ‘digitally zoom’ to only small part of the image.


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