One for the theme ‘separated’. I used boom and magic arm to raise the camera to the ceiling. Magic arm was used so I could level the camera. Flashes were used without any modifiers and I used walls and ceiling to bounce light. Room was too small (well it might have been big enough but I didn’t want to move all the furniture out) to get enough floor around the bed so more floor was added in editing stage.

Worldwide Photo Walk

Worldwide Photo Walk was once again in Kuopio. This time I wanted to go light on carrying so I only took Fuji X-E1 with 35mm lens with me. Again camera proved to be solid performer and I think I got home with some nice shots.

Taking a Dump

…or as we Finnish call it “Paskalla”. There is an underlying theme of corporate power and money coming first, everything else second. But I think there is still much humour in the pictures.

Water tank of our toilet seat was leaking and had to be replaced. I saved the old seat and thought that it could make an interesting photoshoot. We got the project going on sunday at 17:00 and sun was setting at 18:46 so time was a bit limited but I think we managed to get nice set of pictures. After selection process I got seven pictures to post process. I noticed that there is still lot of green in the trees although autumn has clearly come. I wanted the images to look more autumn like so I used Hue/Saturation and Brilliance / Warmth in Nik Color Efex Pro. Effects were added selectively using masks. That worked quite nicely especially in “Golden Moment”.