2nd International Western Ligurian Circuit

UPI Bronze for Peeks and PSA HM for Men from 3° Cervo Prize and UPI HM for Peeks from 29° Torria Prize.


Continuing with the devil theme. This time adding some hell fire…

Lucifer’s Remorse

Going away from basic photography to the direction of digital art. But dark themes are still going strong. Devil mask was photographed for this picture and other stuff like sky, crosses were found from older photos. I made smoke & debris brush for this image myself. Debris brush was made from a photograph and smoke using render clouds tool and painting by hand. At the end of editing I thought that image was somehow of balance and added couple of swans to the sky.

Bright City Lights

One for the city lights theme. I am what I am so I had to make one selfie too.

The Army of Unknowns

From the same shootout that ‘Don’t Look, Don’t Tell’ was. This time playing with masks. In on of the five shots one of the two back flashes did not fire and I used only mask from that shot.


Simple portrait of my son. I found graffiti shots from ‘Taking a dump’ shoot and used one of them as a background.