The Duel

I have had this old camera as a decoration  for a long time and a plan to make a duel image with it. Now that local camera club has theme ‘Two’ I thought that it’s time to make it happen. Not completely happy with the lighting and shadows but it’s close. I originally planned to photograph it on a wood floor and white wall but changed my plans for the background and it was photographed on a black background. During editing I got an idea to have hand on a frame but it did not fit to the duel image. Idea was used for the ‘From the Outside’ image.

Home Studio

When my son wanted to move book shelf out of his room we had to move it to our living room. Then the chairs were not in the right place, more moving. After that the corner started to look like a small home studio. Why I was the only one who could see it, don’t know. For the model I had an styrofoam head which I painted in neutral grey. My own Buster, well it looks like female so maybe Brenda…


Theme of the month for the Local camera club is “two”, so I made a 3×3 grid of pictures of twos related to the making of photos.

  • Planning and notes. ‘Teemana kaksi’ = ‘Two is the theme’
  • Lens. Shooting at f/2.
  • Flash control at full power divided by 2 (These photos were photographed in natural light).
  • Exposure correction at +2.
  • Focus is way of at -2.
  • Lightroom shows the f/2 too.
  • 2 in keyboard changes brush to 20% opacity in photoshop.
  • Caffeine is main ingredient in photo editing. Seems to have some vitamins too at 2mg and 2µg.
  • Caffeine can also mean some late night editing sessions.

And of course black borders in the photo are 2% of the width.

Farm Vesa

I know one of the contenders in “Farmi” that is a reality show running in Finnish TV channel Nelonen. He asked if we could do some pictures to fill his facebook page and we kept the theme of the pictures in the TV show.

Travel Digital Photo Salon

FIAP HM for Men from Travel Digital Photo Salon, Hungary.