“This is life” 1st International Digital Salon of Photography

UPI HM for Forgive Me and FIAP HM for Two-face from “This is life” 1st International Digital Salon of Photography, Finland.

Behind You

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy… Both pictures were taken with the same light and I darkened the ‘shadow’ in editing stage.

4th Exhibition of Photography “Portrait” – Zajecar

UPI Gold for The Indivudual? from 4th Exhibition of Photography “Portrait” – Zajecar, Serbia.


I got new decoration/props and took a first picture. Basic side lighting to get some edge.

Ride the Legend

We wanted to take some studio pictures of the my friends motorcycle. We took several shots and moved the softbox around the motorcycle. That worked quite well and it was easy to combine pictures with masks and lighten layer style in photoshop. Studio was a bit small for this kind of shoot and white seamless was too small and got pretty beaten up, so I made the background and shadows in photoshop.