There is a theme exhibition of the association of the finnish camera clubs in autumn and the theme of year is “stone”. So I started playing with the topic and came up with the idea of stone statue in the forest. The original self portrait is a studio shot and there was two walkabouts in the nearby forest to get background, foreground and textures to the picture. Obvious title for the picture was “Petrified” (pun intended).

Photo critique workshop

Kuopio camera club arranged a photo critique workshop in Lohimaa, Tervo, Finland. Lot of information for the two days we were there and things are are still circling in my head. Easily worth the money spend. For the exercise all 12 people said one topic and we were given only one hour to photograph those. Homework was to pick five that were critiqued next day.

MOF 2013 International Photography Exhibition

FIAP Bronze for The Army of Unknowns from MOF 2013 International Photography Exhibition, Turkey.

Summer Project

Lately my pictures have been photographed mainly in my home studio. Since it’s summer time I wanted to have a project which I could shoot outside. I chose an surreal idea about hands in nature. Here are the first two pictures to the project.