Key to My Heart

“I gave you the key to my heart and you stabbed it right through it”. This idea have been circling in my head for a really long time. I thought I would use heart of a pig, but those sold for food had veins chopped too short and looked too much well like food. I finally found a plastic heart from ebay that suited the image better. Antique key was bought from the same place and I had all the pieces for the idea. Lighting was pretty much the same as in “Forgive Me” but I used Godox stobes insted of Yongnuo.

Key to My Heart


Eye of Autumn

It’s snowing outside but I guess it’s still autumn. I found some really red leaves and thought that I make one picture with autumn theme. It took a surreal turn in some point and eye appeared in the picture. Eye was edited in three steps. Eye surroundings were added with multiply layer mode. White of the eye needed some yellow to fit to the leave and finally changed the eye colour to green.

International Circuit “8 Marzo Fotografia”

UPI HM for Separated from International Circuit “8 Marzo Fotografia” – 2° Trofeo Francesco Mochi di Montevarchi.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

When I was looking noose from the closet a gun fell to my feet. And not just any gun but antique replica with wooden handle that hurts quite a bit. Does not sound like a morning of a photographer but that’s how that monday morning started. I had this idea when sitting on my favourite bench at nearby pond. Not sure where it came from. Probably a mixture of pictures that I have seen somewhere and my own twisted imagination. Lighting was simple. Just a beauty dish over head.

Men in Al-Thani Ad

Opened my copy of Popular Photography and noticed a familiar picture in Al-Thani full-page ad.

Pat 5

Test setup for the new studio gear. I wanted white on white so that the front side barely separates from the background and backside is in strong shadow.