Sweat Dreams

Since it’s halloween time I thought that I make one image for the occasion. I have orc skull that I photographed with the same lights I used for myself. Then I photoshopped some of the skull to my face.

One thing that I have started to use is notes layer. I first saw it used in Phlearn videos for educational purposes but I find it useful also for my personal notes. I usually gather all the main parts to the image in one file and do some editing to get an idea if this is going to work at all. After that I add blank layer where I write notes what I want to do with the picture. I have forgotten things in the past and this helps me to keep everything in control.

5. Seuracup

Honorable Mention for Men from 5. Seuracup 2014, Finland.

Feeling Light-headed

Or as Dali might say “Light-headed dream caused by the alarm clock a second before waking up”. I have always liked surreal art and currently I seem to enjoy more working on a pen tablet than behind the camera, so making photo manipulations suites that well. This picture started from a balloon idea and it developed on the way to a dream where you feel light-headed when alarm clock tries to pull you out from the comfort of a sleep.

Feeling Light-headed

4 April XIX International Salon of Art Photographs “Miniature”

Salon Gold for Reaching for the Sky from 4 April XIX International Salon of Art Photographs “Miniature”, Serbia.