We were playing with lights in the studio and one thing that we tried was a flash light strobe mode. I moved my head from center to the left during the exposure. On a computer I mirrored the picture to get a symmetric image.



Since I already have quite a lot of hair in the mouth area I thought that I participate to movember with a photograph. We ripped a part one 4h VHS tape that has 348 meters of tape (Wikipedia) and gathered that to a ‘moustache’. I was lying on my back and camera was on a horizontal pole with a magic clamp. Lighting was simply one softbox over the head and two white boards as a fill.

Fantasy Gun

I was looking to various drawers and there was lots of left over bolts, pipes, resistors, capacitors, network connectors, you name it. I thought that I will try make fantasy style scope to my old gun. I think I went a little bit overboard but for a left over part DIY project I’m happy.