Trierenberg Super Circuit

Gold Medal of Excellence for Mmm, Chocolate from Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014, Austria.


When I took Yopparai pictures at the cottage weekend we agreed an another photo shoot with Antti. Since he has nice beard I was thinking badass look with some humour. I used my favourite lighting setup, two side lights and one front light. This time I used beauty dish with diffusor for the front. For the background I used Analog Efex Pro 2 which has some nice textures built in. I forgot to take setup picture and write down light settings once again. That seem to be a norm today. I’m not sure what kind of reminder I need to, so I would remember to document my work better. I photographed cigar smoke with candle which was far from ideal. Most of the smoke was just unusable puffs. I managed to get couple of usable though. I have read that incense sticks are much better for this, I have to try those some day.

The 4th Golden Digital Salon

Salon HM for Men from The 4th Golden Digital Salon 2014, Denmark.


Week of the Gnome

For some reason I have couple of gnome pictures for this week. Lighting was a simple one light with reflector setup, so there’s nothing special. I had this doorway photographed earlier from Puijo Tower and had an idea of a gnome standing in front of it. Gnomes live in forests, I guess, so I took some forest pictures and added the doorway to a tree. Snow image is couple of years old and I think someone told me then that you could easily see gnome peeking behind the tree. During gnome shoot I took one picture with this idea in mind and made a quick picture with the old snowy scene. To finish the gnome week I also made a studio image just from the gnome. During editing I made the gnome shorter and wider from the stomach area. Feet were given a Hobbit treatment, I made them bigger and added some hair. I modified ears to be more elf like and made eyes and nose a bit bigger but only slightly since the eye glasses were already pretty bold.