Mood Dial

I took these photos in October but somehow I didn’t find the right inspiration to finish this image. Almost three months later everything seemed to lock in place and the image was easy to finish. Sometimes it just takes more time and taking a pause is right thing to do. When taking these images I was in a mood of not doing anything serious so I attached a fisheye lens to my camera and put a couple of reflective umbrellas on both sides. Then I just started to goof around with a radio remote. At the post process stage I got an idea to make an image where these images represent a different moods and added a dial to the picture.

DIY Ring Light

I was bored and not mood for photography so I needed a project, something to do with my hands. There was wooden plate at storage room and I thought I will build a ring light. That should keep me busy couple of days… I used Ikea led bulbs. Not ideal but cheap and don’t break easily since the bulb is plastic. Color temperature measured from the grey card was 2650K. Not a difficult project but took some time to do it. Pictures show the building steps.