Ice Queen

Me and JP had a photoshoot last sunday. My wife’s sister asked me earlier to get some photographs of her and her horse. She likes fantasy themes so I edited a couple of photos to that direction. We ended up using just natural light which was pretty varying but sun was getting pretty low so we got some nice light. I noticed once again that natural light is much harder to work with than studio lights.

1st CAPA International Salon of Photography

Salon HM for Feeling Light-headed from 1st CAPA International Salon of Photography 2014, Taiwan.

The Last Second

It was time to put the bomb in real use and make pictures with it. I had seen this nice rugged wooden box near the camera club studio so instead of making this picture at home I headed there. I used my favourite lighting setup again but this time with a little fill from the below. JP’s electronic cigar worked as a smoke machine once again.

Comic Style Bomb

I have a photo idea where I need a bomb. You know the group of dynamite bars with a timer device where you can wonder which wire to cut and do that in a last second. Well James Bond is quicker and usually has 0:07 on the clock when the bomb is disarmed…  I made the bars from a broom stick and some wrapping paper. I also needed some glue, tape and old non functional dvr where I ripped circuit boards. One circuit board had a display on it so it was perfect for the project.


I have wanted to try this phlearn tutorial about black eyes so I took one left over picture from ‘the game’ shoot. Eyes were easy and looked good. I was aiming for scifi theme so I made the skin pretty white and added some cracks to the outer ‘shell’. I made the lines with Inkscape and imported them to photoshop. Vector drawing program was more suited for that kind of job. I used liquify in photoshop to modify the lines more to the body shape.