Party On/Off

Although it’s pouring snow it’s Vappu time in Finland so I made before and after party image to celebrate it. There was quite a lot party junk in the local super market so I picked some for these images. After goofing off at the front of the camera I selected these two for the series. At the post processing stage I exaggerated thumbs up hand (x 150%) and added some blood veins to the eyes.

This is Life

PSA HM for Mood Dial from This is Life 2015, Finland.

Mr. White

To complement with the Mr. Black image I wanted to do really light image. I painted my head and hands with skin paint and used white for everything. To the milk I added some food coloring to add some color to the picture. I was going to turn it more red in post processing but I left it pink after all. I made some faces during shoot and in post processing stage it started to feel that this might work as a triptych. Post processing was otherwise simple, just some cleaning and dodging & burning.


Salon HM for The Army of Unknowns from 3rd Greek Photographic Circuit – Santorini 2015, Greece.

Mr. Black

The idea was to make portrait that is almost black so the white pocket square just pops out. JP was once again helping me and worked also as a model. We didn’t have proper handkerchief so we ended up making it from paper. Black mask is a helmet hood backwards and it worked well. Lighting setup was new to me and we were looking for a really subtle light. I was surprised how small light movements were. Turning light just 15 degrees and it didn’t work at all anymore.

Post processing was pretty simple. I added a bit of texture and vignette to the background and removed all the dust spots. Pocket square was a bit too papery so I removed some wrinkles and added linen texture to it. Last I added color toning using color balance.