Every Last Drop of Ideas

Once in a while you have to roll up your sleeves to get an idea for the picture. Really squeeze your brains to come up with something. And all I could think was this…

Jail Time

Photos for this image were photographed at the same time with Denied image. This was the first time I tried 3D as part of a image. I made the extra jail door to the image with Blender. Learning curve for the program is quite steep but luckily there are plenty of good tutorials in the internet, so I think I’ll use Blender in the future projects too. For a hobbyist like me it’s good that you don’t have to build everything in real life and can save some money.

Cyprus International Digital Photo Competition

PSA HM for Men from Cyprus International Digital Photo Competition 2015, Cyprus.


DeniedContinuing with the dystopian series. I like this Mr Black character so much that ideas just seem to pop up. This series could work as a one page comic when finished titled 2084, but we have wait and see. We actually did two setups and timelapse in the video shows them both. A small preview of the next one in the series.