Hanging Photos

I wanted to hang photos in a bit more personal way. I thought that chains would fit my style and bought black chain, curtain slide, magnets and binder clips. Small magnets hold the binder clips in chain and chains are easily movable in curtain rail. It’s really easy to add and change photos and I like how it looks. JP suggested that I would also paint that wall with blood-red paint but my wife didn’t agree…

Life around us Moscow

UPI HM for Reaching for the Sky from Life around us Moscow 2015, Russia.

Shiny Objects

I needed to photograph a medal and I found this tip from a photography related discussion forum. I made a cone using parchment paper used that between camera and object. Even light and no reflections from surrounding objects. Paper is not pure white so I used grey card first to get white balance reference for the Lightroom.

Focus On in Pentaprism Magazine

A short story and couple of photos in Focus On section in Pentaprism Magazine.

Blind Justice in 1x Yearbook

Newest 1x.com Yearbook “Memento” just arrived. I’m pretty stoked that one of the 244 images that were selected to the book is “Blind Justice”.