Christmas Pictures

What the frak. I’m taking christmas pictures. I’m really not a christmas person but since lights were out of the closest I started playing with them. Actual tree was not ready yet so I made a substitute from the studio stands. First one is taken with 24-70mm lens. Procedure was start-wait-zoom(70mm->24mm)-wait-stop. Second one was made with 70-200mm lens which has tripod collar on the lens so it can be rotated while attached to a tripod. Procedure was start-wait-rotate camera and lens while keeping zoom ring in place-wait-stop

Interrail Photos

I have used old interrail photos as a background on some photos but I thought that if some of these could be published as is. Well I did edit them in photoshop like I would any other photo. For the test I selected photos from the Swiss alps and under 2000px they look quite ok.


I took some props with me and headed to the studio. JP Palmunen was once again helping me and worked as a model. We took Mr Black character and spiced it a bit with tongue in the cheek mentality. I got two series of pictures. This gangster series and more humorous series that will be published later. With the helmet hood and steam punk glasses model had to work pretty much blind. Luckily Palmunen practically reads my mind so model guidance was minimal. Light spill at the background was a happy accident. In editing stage I started to like it so I enhanced it a bit and added a texture over it.

Life or Death

I got this idea originally from Matrix movie photo that I saw. I wanted to take it to more devilish direction and the choice is between life and death. Devil is not usually as fat as I am so I gave myself an instant weight loss in photoshop. My chair was a bit small and back rest did not show from behind. I added it bigger in post. It’s still the same chair just scaled bigger.