45th H.K.C.C. International Salon of Photography

Salon Silver for Army of Unknowns from 45th H.K.C.C. International Salon of Photography 2015, Hong Kong.

5th Port Talbot International Salon

PSA Best of Show Gold for Finger Puppets and Highly Commented for Self Caricature from 5th Port Talbot International Salon 2016, Wales.


There were balloons on the kitchen table and I realized its 1st of may day after tomorrow. Maybe I could squeeze one “vappu” image before that. I could place that balloon at the place of the head and call it airhead. But that is not enough. Should I try poke it with the dart. That would be the feeling many have after the vappu. Hey I have a bowtie that has similar dots that these ballons have… That was pretty much the quick brainstorming for this picture.

Watching Sports

I have ideas for several series and one of them is about relationship. When I saw this pig mask in ebay I started thinking about this quite popular Finnish comic strip with this idea of a pig and a woman living together. Since this men are pigs seems to be quite universal theme I wanted to play with the idea from my angle and I already have several ideas for images. I selected this one first for a couple of reasons. First camera club has sports theme for this month and the ice hockey world championships are quite near. Those masks are often uncomfortable and this pig mask was not an exception. I had to use swim goggles under the mask, otherwise the mask would press my eyes so heavily that I could not see anything.

Saoud Al-Thani Award for Photography

Al-Thani Gold Medal – 4th Award for Lost from Saoud Al-Thani Award for Photography 2015, Austria.

Heart in a Jar

When making this image I took more document pictures about the lighting. I use fisheye lens (full frame fisheye in APS-C camera) for the setup photo but even that is not enough and I use panorama (handheld, 5 shots) made in Lightroom. That boundary warp works really well. With the usual setup image I took shots with different lights on and off. For the editing I took one shot that shows the floor under the grey background. I didn’t want to use the real floor but I used that to get tiles perspective right on the final image. All the images can be found from the video.