3rd PSSA International Salon

Salon HM for Army of Unknowns from 3rd PSSA International Salon 2016, South Africa.

Home Renovation, Textures and a Selfportrait

We did some home renovation and changed the wallpaper on one wall. I took some photos on the way to get some decay textures. I also took one selfportrait to test the new wall as a background.

Group Portrait

I needed to make a family group portrait. I wanted to keep it simple and used only one light with octabox. No matter how the chair was positioned we could not find a good angle / enough room for a good background so I had to mirror the cabinet from the right side to the left side to hide the corridor that didn’t look good in the photo.


I bought this old film camera from ebay because it’s my namesake. Since I didn’t have this cliché image of a photographer yet I thought to give it a try. At least I could not have picked better camera for it.