International Circuit “8 Marzo Fotografia”

ISF HM for Tyranny and ISF HM for Blind Justice from International Circuit “8 Marzo Fotografia” 2016, Italy.

Nun Horror

The problem was that do I want to stay with the same character with these pictures which had meant similar eyes for every picture. Images and my ideas were so different that I decided to go just what I think looks best in each image and not trying to do any series with these. This time I was photographing in JP’s home studio and naturally forgot to take setup pictures. First one has beauty dish above, second has octa above and the last one has octa front/left + softbox right/behind.

Broken Soldier

I was reading about a story how war breaks people and started thinking about this broken soldier character. My soldier has gear from many countries. Helmet and jacket from Finland, trousers from Norway, bag from Poland, gun from Russia (well it’s an airsoft gun not actually from Russia) and so on. I wanted it to be a mix of many armies since this theme is quite universal. Soldiers are usually just pawns in a bigger power game by the rulers and are the losers no matter what their nationality is. I chose the clothes underneath the uniform to be white to resemble human inside the hard outer shell of a soldier. My plans are that I’ll do more pictures with this character outside the studio this summer.


I like horror themed images so I guess I should do more of them. Many of my images are dark so somehow when I started doing horror the idea was pretty light image. Well I think it gives some contradiction to the image which I like to do. The mask is an italian commando hood. Why they have zipper in the hood, I don’t know but it suited this image well. The actual head was the fake head I have. It was easier to put blood and bandage on it than for the real person. It also gave the doll like shape that I like in this image. The eye was photographed in the same light setup and added in post.

The Dictator

Although the inspiration for this image was more Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and Cohen’s The Dictator rather than any real dictator this image ended up to be pretty dark in mood. In future images with this character I will probably include some humor, but in my case it might be quite black. I build the stand from a small desk and cardboard. Black sheet was put over it and red cloth is an old kimono. ‘Microphone’ is the same as in blind justice image.