Life Decisions

I took this photo in a nearby forest. I used two Yongnuos in a reflective umbrella to give a bit light to the subject. First my plan was to use the forest background but at home I found it too messy so I replaced it with foggy and more atmospheric background. I got strange looks when I went to photograph that traffic sign and a traffic lights and hopped to the middle of the road with the camera: “What the hell is that man doing?”

Skeletons and a Rose

I bought this plastic skeleton from ebay for photographic purposes. Since halloween is coming I thought I’ll put it to the test right away. Camera was on a boom pointing straight down to a black vinyl where I placed the skeleton (and myself) in different positions. I edited the pictures together in photoshop using puppet warp and added some textures. When I first got the skeleton I put it sitting in the chair upstairs. My wife didn’t even notice it first time she went up. I guess she is too used to see strange things I have for photography…


Portraits are really not my thing. I usually photograph people in some kind of role which is much easier. It’s not about the person but it’s about the story. But with portraits it’s a completely different ball game. Like Peter Hurley has said portraits are 90% psychology, 10% camera work. I think I fail miserably in the psychology part. I might also fail in camera work but perhaps not miserably…

The Kraken

We went to a carshow in Lahti and there was this steampunk hotrod that got my attention. At home I decided to make this poster like image from the car images.


I haven’t done anything for the local camera club monthly theme for a while. This month’s theme is “freeze the movement” and I decided to play a little and try some water splashes from glasses. Not the most original idea but I have never done such a thing so it was learning as you go. I taped the champagne glass to the plexi glass with double-sided tape and added some coloured water into it. I only had one glass and red food colouring so I changed the colour to the rest of glasses in photoshop. I pushed the plexi glass against the light stand to get splashes. It was surprisingly easy to get timing right and I didn’t need any special triggers just the mobile phone in my hand.