Who am I today?

Everyday, behind a mask. Who am I today? First I thought that I hang these mask on a grey background but then I thought that it’s easier to photograph them lying on grey paper. Simple one light setup with beauty dish that could be done anywhere.

PID Individual Creative Competition – End of Year 2016-2017

PSA HM for Can I Play with Madness and Finger Puppets from PID Individual Creative Competition – End of Year 2016-2017.

Dead Roses and a Fly in 1X YEARBOOK

Newest (and the last) 1x.com Yearbook “X” arrived. “Dead Roses and a Fly” was selected to be one of few images in the book.

FDC 2017 Poster

Decided to use same template for FDC 2017 poster as last year since I’m quite happy with it. If you happen to be in Kuopio, Finland 13.11.2017 you are welcome to check out the best images of Finland Digital Circuit, 3rd Kuopio Salon in Kuvakukko movie theatre. There is no entry fee.


PSA Image of the Year 2016

PSA Image of the Year 2016 / Color section


I was planning a halloween/horror image but it turned out to be more like scifi/steampunk. I put this mask and welding goggles to my styrofoam head. I looked more comic than horror but decided to continue taking the picture. Side profile worked better and when I got the image on a computer screen I decided to continue the nails over the borders. Next I got the idea to turn on the lights and it looked better but definitely more scifi like. Sometimes the ideas come in editing stage…