Street Photos

I needed some new street photos for a camera club group partition to the photo contest. I checked my lightroom catalog and found four decent photos to process further. All photos seem to be taken in Tampere…

Skeleton in the Closet

I photographed this addition to death series already in June but it missed “the closet” part and it took some time I got that done. I photographed the main images in camera club studio since it needed a lot of space. The closet part I took later in my home studio. Nothing new in editing but it took some time to get everything looking good to my eye.

New domain and stuff

I changed my domain to As a side effect I decided to learn something totally new and I updated my video intro. This time I made it with Black Magic Fusion 9 which is something similar to DaVinci Resolve as After Effects is for Premiere. Basic version is a free download which is good when you are not making animations in daily basis. It’s a really capable program and I think it’s more than enough for my needs. I also updated the end screen for videos with a logo like design.

Finland Digital Circuit, 3rd Kuopio Salon

Judging of Finland Digital Circuit, 3rd Kuopio Salon is finished and results are out. Judges Petri Damstén (EFIAP/b, EPSA, BPSA, SKsLSM), Juhani Valtola (EFIAP/s, SKsLSM) and Merja Martikainen (AFIAP, SKsLM).