Street Photos

I needed some new street photos for a camera club group partition to the photo contest. I checked my lightroom catalog and found four decent photos to process further. All photos seem to be taken in Tampere…

Skeleton in the Closet

I photographed this addition to death series already in June but it missed “the closet” part and it took some time I got that done. I photographed the main images in camera club studio since it needed a lot of space. The closet part I took later in my home studio. Nothing new in editing but it took some time to get everything looking good to my eye.

New domain and stuff

I changed my domain to As a side effect I decided to learn something totally new and I updated my video intro. This time I made it with Black Magic Fusion 9 which is something similar to DaVinci Resolve as After Effects is for Premiere. Basic version is a free download which is good when you are not making animations in daily basis. It’s a really capable program and I think it’s more than enough for my needs. I also updated the end screen for videos with a logo like design.

Finland Digital Circuit, 3rd Kuopio Salon

Judging of Finland Digital Circuit, 3rd Kuopio Salon is finished and results are out. Judges Petri Damstén (EFIAP/b, EPSA, BPSA, SKsLSM), Juhani Valtola (EFIAP/s, SKsLSM) and Merja Martikainen (AFIAP, SKsLM).

Capitalist Pig

I got these new background hooks to the ceiling and I wanted to test it with some idea. This macabre capitalist pig came to my mind and I had all the props to do it. It was much easier to put setup now that there is much more on the sides. I also get longer shooting distances since I can go to the bedroom if necessary.

VW Kleinbus

I found this vw kleinbus at the side of the road in Kuopio. It had just rained when we went to light paint the car so we got some nice reflections on the asphalt.