Crochet Lace

My mother makes lots of crochet lace works so we documented some of the latest ones she has made. I chose black velvet for the background which gave me good black but also lots of dust, so outer black areas were replaced with solid black in photoshop. We took two images from every lace, one with some decoration and one ‘pure’ documentation shot.

Award Design

Award designs for Kuopio Photo International.

One Eyeland Awards 2017

One Eyeland Awards 2017 – Bronze for Dystopia.


As featured artist in Photographize

The Rubidus Brothers

First self portrait this year and it’s already February… Props were lying on the floor and I thought I should put them to the storage. Hmm, why I don’t do a photoshoot with those. Now there’s even more props lying on the floor…

LUT Generator

I found this interesting IWLTBAP LUT generator. It allows you to make LUT files from eg. lightroom edits or basically from any editor. As the website says “Important note: A Look-Up Table (LUT) can only affect colors, contrast, brightness, gamma, etc. So you can’t add grain, noise reduction, vignetting, sharpen or any other dynamic effects.” By converting the edit to LUT you can use it in video editor like DaVinci Resolve or Premier but Photoshop also supports LUTs as adjustment layers. Naturally you cannot adjust individual sliders anymore as you could do if you would use smart objects and camera raw but adjustment layers are more lightweight and many times more convenient to use. So if you use eg. same colouring time after time this might be a viable option also in photoshop. For eg. pictures I used this PSDesire “Aqua and Brown” tutorial in youtube. I can’t tell the difference between camera raw version and the LUT version. You can download the LUT from here.