A Little Snack

Last vampire image in this style. I will probably do some more but I have a bit different ideas for those…

Master of Time

“Time is an illusion.” ― Albert Einstein

Empty Frames

Weather has been exceptionally good here in Finland so these Vampire images are coming a bit more slowly. Anyway here’s the first one…



Marc needed a portrait so we did a little photo shoot in my home studio. Eye glasses had a strong reflection so I used a technique from Scott Kelby which is basically just taking an another photo without glasses and using eyes from that.

Story of a Vampire

We had an interesting shoot this week. Merja asked me to assist her and we noticed that the set might work for me too so we made props together and shot two shoots at once. Merja also did the dress for the vampire. One of the first images that was starting to show my style to be was a vampire image and now I was back to the topic with completely white set. Laura was modelling for us and after being totally white she added some red touches for the vampire. Final images might take some time since I want to get things done for the Kuopio Photo International first.

Viking, part 2

Second part of Viking images…