DIY Charging Station

After a longer photo project wanted to do something different. I have wanted some kind of charging station to clear up the wire mess but my wall space is kind of limited. I have used tool cart for photo use and I thought I could hang it there. With this project I thought I also learn some video editing and shooting and test how my machine handles 4K video. My only 4K capable video camera is iPhone 8 so I shot all the video with it.


Although I only photograph in digital I have some old cameras as decorative pieces. I have been looking for this Kalloflex camera for some time. Kallo is skull in Finnish so it goes nicely with my logo. Sides and front of the camera were in bad shape so I ordered A4 sheet of vinyl to renew those. First I disassembled the sides, removed old vinyl pieces and photographed the pieces. Next I traced photographs with Inkscape and printed stencils for the vinyl. I attached the paper stencil to the vinyl with two-sided tape and cut out the pieces. Vinyl had the glue in it so the rest was easy. I blackened the sides of the aluminium with sharpie to hide minor errors in the cut outs.

Frozen Rose

I got this rose with the AFCC silver badge of merit and when it was alredy quite dry I put it in milk carton with water and froze it. I put it in Ikea glass table in my home studio and tested couple of light setups to get this frozen rose image.

Ikea Hack: Automatic Staircase Lighting

I wanted to try these cheap battery operated Ikea lights with motion sensor for automatic staircase lighting. They seemed nice but the light was way too harsh. The lens in original light is designed to give you a spot light but I that was not what I wanted. I removed the lens but the shadows were still hard. Then I tried adding a half of a ping pong ball and it started to look what I wanted. It looses some of the luminosity but it’s enough for the staircase. As a bonus the uppermost light also lights up when you go to the bathroom at night.

Hanging Photos

I wanted to hang photos in a bit more personal way. I thought that chains would fit my style and bought black chain, curtain slide, magnets and binder clips. Small magnets hold the binder clips in chain and chains are easily movable in curtain rail. It’s really easy to add and change photos and I like how it looks. JP suggested that I would also paint that wall with blood-red paint but my wife didn’t agree…

Shiny Objects

I needed to photograph a medal and I found this tip from a photography related discussion forum. I made a cone using parchment paper used that between camera and object. Even light and no reflections from surrounding objects. Paper is not pure white so I used grey card first to get white balance reference for the Lightroom.