Fake Microphone

I’m planning a photo of a courtroom where one of the prop I need is microphone. Another from trash to props project was needed. It turned out pretty much how I wanted and total cost was 0€ so I’m happy.

Comic Style Bomb

I have a photo idea where I need a bomb. You know the group of dynamite bars with a timer device where you can wonder which wire to cut and do that in a last second. Well James Bond is quicker and usually has 0:07 on the clock when the bomb is disarmed…  I made the bars from a broom stick and some wrapping paper. I also needed some glue, tape and old non functional dvr where I ripped circuit boards. One circuit board had a display on it so it was perfect for the project.

DIY Ring Light

I was bored and not mood for photography so I needed a project, something to do with my hands. There was wooden plate at storage room and I thought I will build a ring light. That should keep me busy couple of days… I used Ikea led bulbs. Not ideal but cheap and don’t break easily since the bulb is plastic. Color temperature measured from the grey card was 2650K. Not a difficult project but took some time to do it. Pictures show the building steps.

Fantasy Gun

I was looking to various drawers and there was lots of left over bolts, pipes, resistors, capacitors, network connectors, you name it. I thought that I will try make fantasy style scope to my old gun. I think I went a little bit overboard but for a left over part DIY project I’m happy.

Cutting Board

I thought that some woodworking would do for this morning and made a cutting board for photos and cardboard etc. Now it has stoppers for A5, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm so it covers most of my use.
Cutting Board


Since my home studio is in our living room I needed folding screens to cover all the mess that is there. I thought that maybe those folding screens could also act as v-flats. I used21x45mm wood to make the frames and stapled some cheap tablecloth vinyl to it. Backside is from 10mm thick black foamed plastic. It’s light and doesn’t let any light through it like the vinyl does.