Back home from the Fotofinlandia trip to Helsinki (and Tampere). I didn’t have a budget to make prints that I wanted so I had to settle to normal prints. I thought I’ll highlight the simple prints by hanging them on the wall as plain prints. First I was going to use magnets but I changed the hang at the last moment when I saw Tiina Haring‘s exhibition at VB. I used nails and metal clips for the photos. For the story I used magnets on top of screws under the print. Then I placed bolt tops (which were cut off from short bolts) on top of the paper. They clicked to the magnets and kept the print in place and gave nice industrial look to it. If photos were glued to a  foam board it might work quite nicely for photos too, but that’s too late for this exhibition.

VB Exhibitions

Annual exhibition of association of Finnish camera clubs and Kuopio camera club 60 years anniversary exhibition is now open in VB photographic centre.

Under the Kuopio Marketplace

As a photographer of the year in local camera club I got an opportunity to put some of my photos on display under the Kuopio marketplace. It’s in the Apaja-hallway near Anttila entrance when you come in from the underground parking lot.

“Piirikilpailu” exhibition

“Piirikilpailu” photos are on display under the Kuopio market place.

Photo Exhibition

Kuopio Camera Club has photo exhibition in Kuopio City Library between 27.02.2012 – 03.03.2012. This is the first time I have my photos in a public exhibition and I decided to choose six photos from the ‘Life of Helmut‘ series. When I arrived to the library I noticed that I was a bit unprepared and didn’t have any means of hanging the photos. Well small needles did the job and I think the loneliness theme works in a bit rougher presentation too.