Broken Doll, Part 2

And the remaining images for the series…

Broken Doll, Part 1

First images from the “Broken Doll” photoshoot. Idea for this shoot came from Merja, an another camera club member. She has access to this farm and has worked with Kiki before. Kiki wanted to do a bit darker images so she suggested if I wanted to do the shoot. It’s no secret that I like to walk on the dark side at least what comes to the pictures so I was ready for the job. This was my first shoot with the new Godox AD200 (trigger arrived the day before the shoot) and I’m pretty happy with the purchase. They worked nicely and there was plenty of juice left after many hours of shooting.

Ice Queen

Me and JP had a photoshoot last sunday. My wife’s sister asked me earlier to get some photographs of her and her horse. She likes fantasy themes so I edited a couple of photos to that direction. We ended up using just natural light which was pretty varying but sun was getting pretty low so we got some nice light. I noticed once again that natural light is much harder to work with than studio lights.


Jan-Peter asked me if I would like to do a small photo battle. I immediately said yes. We selected Jason theme and went to the camera club studio. We both had our own ideas and we photographed bunch of photos for further editing. And now we are proudly to present the results:

Farm Vesa

I know one of the contenders in “Farmi” that is a reality show running in Finnish TV channel Nelonen. He asked if we could do some pictures to fill his facebook page and we kept the theme of the pictures in the TV show.

Taking a Dump

…or as we Finnish call it “Paskalla”. There is an underlying theme of corporate power and money coming first, everything else second. But I think there is still much humour in the pictures.

Water tank of our toilet seat was leaking and had to be replaced. I saved the old seat and thought that it could make an interesting photoshoot. We got the project going on sunday at 17:00 and sun was setting at 18:46 so time was a bit limited but I think we managed to get nice set of pictures. After selection process I got seven pictures to post process. I noticed that there is still lot of green in the trees although autumn has clearly come. I wanted the images to look more autumn like so I used Hue/Saturation and Brilliance / Warmth in Nik Color Efex Pro. Effects were added selectively using masks. That worked quite nicely especially in “Golden Moment”.