Bäd Santa

Christmas is coming so it’s time to make some images from Santa Claus. Jake asked me if I would like to take some bad santa themed images and since I already had thought something like that we moved quickly to the planning phase. I took the images in my home studio and it was a bit small for a two people shoot like this but we managed to get the shots. I already had other pictures needed for the backgrounds but I had to photograph one more for the floor texture. I usually don’t like use very saturated colours but in this case I thought this humour needs some good bright reds. And as a Finnish metal fan it’s Bäd Santa. Like Lemmy said about ö in Motörhead “I only put it in there to look mean”.

Skeletons and a Rose

I bought this plastic skeleton from ebay for photographic purposes. Since halloween is coming I thought I’ll put it to the test right away. Camera was on a boom pointing straight down to a black vinyl where I placed the skeleton (and myself) in different positions. I edited the pictures together in photoshop using puppet warp and added some textures. When I first got the skeleton I put it sitting in the chair upstairs. My wife didn’t even notice it first time she went up. I guess she is too used to see strange things I have for photography…

Behave Little Piggy

I decided to introduce the bride of our little piggy in a couples portrait. I found those plastic shackles from the Finnish red cross used stuff store Kontti last Halloween. I immediately knew that I could use those in some image and they were only couple of euros. Worked here like a charm. There is no room for the softbox overhead in our living room so I just reflected the flash from the ceiling. Pretty broad light but I had to settle for that.

Turn Around and Open Your Eyes

First I thought that I try panorama software for this but it didn’t seem to work although I had plenty of pictures (24) for 360 view. After failure I took five pictures to photoshop and blended them manually. See video below for all the layers in photoshop.
Turn Around and Open Your Eyes

When Monsters Cry

Layers video for When Monsters Cry image. Lighting setup for the image was simple. One light with beauty dish and grid over head.

Jail Time

Photos for this image were photographed at the same time with Denied image. This was the first time I tried 3D as part of a image. I made the extra jail door to the image with Blender. Learning curve for the program is quite steep but luckily there are plenty of good tutorials in the internet, so I think I’ll use Blender in the future projects too. For a hobbyist like me it’s good that you don’t have to build everything in real life and can save some money.