DIY Ring Light

I was bored and not mood for photography so I needed a project, something to do with my hands. There was wooden plate at storage room and I thought I will build a ring light. That should keep me busy couple of days… I used Ikea led bulbs. Not ideal but cheap and don’t break easily since the bulb is plastic. Color temperature measured from the grey card was 2650K. Not a difficult project but took some time to do it. Pictures show the building steps.

Cutting Board

I thought that some woodworking would do for this morning and made a cutting board for photos and cardboard etc. Now it has stoppers for A5, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm so it covers most of my use.
Cutting Board


Since my home studio is in our living room I needed folding screens to cover all the mess that is there. I thought that maybe those folding screens could also act as v-flats. I used21x45mm wood to make the frames and stapled some cheap tablecloth vinyl to it. Backside is from 10mm thick black foamed plastic. It’s light and doesn’t let any light through it like the vinyl does.

Wooden Case 2


After finishing the first wooden computer case project I got lots of ideas how it could be made better. So I made some drawings and when the time was right I started building a another one. I got veneer for free from paper factory. They use veneer disks to cover big paper rolls and some them were really good quality (well maybe little bit dirty but otherwise OK). I decided that this case will be standing in it’s own feet and would be computer desk in it’s true meaning. Since I had veneer for free I used it a lot and my case is a bit massive (over 100kg). Hopefully I’m not moving in a near future…

Sound insulation

I used 20mm of sound insulation materials between two veneer sheets. It makes the the case very heavy but it’s not going anywhere. Hopefully… I made also sound traps for both incoming and outgoing air. For HDDs I made a special tunnel that has it’s own fan rotating in slow speed. It keeps them cool and quiet.

New Desk

My old computer desk was a bit tight (a bit wider than space between black legs in the picture). I got the original table from SSH when it shut down the Kuopio office. Legs are height adjustable and work well so I just needed the new table tops. Glued wood board is good for that kind of thing and I managed to design desk so that I only had to saw/drill couple of holes. Besides there is room for tablet now, there is also room for a new display that would be better for photo editing. So I guess expenses don’t stop here…

New and Old Drawers

I needed more space for my photography gear. I don’t use chair with one of my desks so empty space at the center was good for three more drawers. My dad had some used plywood that was good for drawers inside and cost nothing. I also needed one glue laminated board for three front plates, some 12x24mm wood and drawer rails. Once drawers were ready, stain used for the desk was still bit of a mystery. I took an educated guess and  got lucky. Stain color was spot on. When I found the same handles that were used for the old drawers I knew that the new drawers will blend to the old desk nicely.