New and Old Drawers

I needed more space for my photography gear. I don’t use chair with one of my desks so empty space at the center was good for three more drawers. My dad had some used plywood that was good for drawers inside and cost nothing. I also needed one glue laminated board for three front plates, some 12x24mm wood and drawer rails. Once drawers were ready, stain used for the desk was still bit of a mystery. I took an educated guess and  got lucky. Stain color was spot on. When I found the same handles that were used for the old drawers I knew that the new drawers will blend to the old desk nicely.

Leather Subwoofer

I needed a small subwoofer and wanted to make one of my own. I ended up using a subwoofer kit and DIY plywood case. But how to finish the case? Wood veneer or just paint would have been pretty obvious but since I had two unused leather jackets I wanted to make something more personal.

Wooden Case 1

Goal of this project was to make computer case that would be:

  • Quiet
  • Good looking
  • Lots of drive bays
  • Easy to update


  • Good looking.
  • Silent, all though if I was building this case now I would make ventilation shafts in bottom and top to make it even more silent (I think).
  • Enough drive bays.


  • Inside is a real mess. It is not easy to update (adding peripherals etc.), so one goal was not achieved


  • Motherboard: Asus A7V133
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 1400 MHz
  • Hardrives: 15GB & 30GB IBM
  • Other things: Enermax power supply, Hollywood+, Firewire, SB Live, DVD, CD Burner (Lightning fast 2x).

You can download drawings from here. Note that this case changed a lot after the drawings were made.