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I finally got time to add settings page to the fullscreen galleria wordpress plugin. Now it has all the features I originally planned for it so I decided to up the version to 1.0.

Fullscreen Galleria WordPress Plugin


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  • bdflynn I upgraded to V1.0 and got this: Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in [...]/wp-content/plugins/fullscreen-galleria/galleria-fs.php on line 148
  • bdflynn Otherwise, I love the plugin.
  • bdflynn After checking off a setting and saving it the warning went away. Problem solved.
  • Petri Damstén Some update issues with settings. Trying to fix for the next version.
  • Andrey Andreev I like very much your plugin but now it don't work, I do not know why! http://www.andrey-andreev.com/2011/osenovo/ If you know why, can you tell me. please! Thank you for great work! Andrey Andreev
  • Petri Damstén Seems like images are linked to Attachment page and they should be linked to Media File.
  • andrey4o They are linked to media files :( i'm sure for this.... :(
  • andrey4o Can I find the old ersion somewhere?
  • Petri Damstén http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fullscreen-galleria/developers/
  • Petri Damstén ok, I'll check it again and try to figure out what's wrong.
  • Petri Damstén When I click the image it goes to attachment page, so I'm not sure...
  • andrey4o http://youtu.be/GVRbhIbPgRM thank you for your support :)
  • Petri Damstén Not sure what is going on here. If you check my blog all images are links to media files (when hovering over photo link ends with .jpg) but in your site links are not to media file (they end with /) even when selected in settings?
  • andrey4o I reloaded gallery onece like gallery with attached pages, after that i saved it and again changed to image files!!! Now i think it is OK, but it the gallery doesn't load at all.... can you try again?! http://www.andrey-andreev.com/2011/osenovo/
  • Petri Damstén Now the links seem ok but not sure what else is going wrong. I'll have more to debug this next week.
  • F.C. I like Fullscreen Galleria very much. It is excactly what I need. But there is one problem. On smartphone (Android) it does not work so good. Do you have any solution for that? Thanks.
  • Petri Damstén Latest galleria.io update made it lot better in iOS. Haven't tested in Android. Fullscreen galleria is just a wordpress wrapper for galleria.io so I hope Android support gets better too in next versions.
  • kfrair I am trying to delete this plugin and get the following Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/content/67/10291067/html/wp-content/plugins/fullscreen-galleria/galleria-fs.php on line 18 I am a novice wordpress user - please let me know what i need to do to delete. thanks.
  • Petri Damstén Update to 1.1.2. It should uninstall cleanly.
  • andrey4o I like your plugin very mutch, but still don't work corectly :(, I made vide with my problem, if you can find decision! http://youtu.be/5uw-CnakdFo I tryed everyting to repair this, I turned off all plugins exept the Full screen galerria and still didn't work... It is very strange, because the plugin work in some post, in some old post don't work... one post with working plugin: http://www.andrey-andreev.com/2013/monyak/ One post not working http://www.andrey-andreev.com/2012/albania/ The photos are with the same resolution :(
  • Petri Damstén Can you enable debug in wordpress? In wp-config.php add define('WP_DEBUG', true); and define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true); Then wp-content/debug.log should show errors during faulty page load.
  • andrey4o https://dl.dropbox.com/u/87487565/debug.log But, I think there are only problems with qtranslate because of bulgarian language :( I opened some problem gallerries but there no log with this problem!
  • Petri Damstén Let's hope I can reproduce the problem and then able to fix it. Until that not sure what I can do.
  • andrey4o If it is more confortable for you you can write me at: eng.andreev@gmail.com I can test evrething wat you want. Only I can't uninstal qtranslate :(
  • akismet-41f1188729bedeeec2ecf4952353d42e Hey, with Chrome I cant close the gallery in fullscreen mode with neither ESC nore the close button. Anyone with the same problem?
  • Petri Damstén There seems to be some problems with chrome in windows but I cannot reproduce it in OSX.
  • chuno69 I install it but, the close button doesn't work, and the ESC key neither
  • Petri Damstén Might be other plugin or something. With this information all I can say that it works in my blog.
  • DJ Steve Thanks so much for this cool plugin! It almost works perfectly for a project I am pulling my hair out on.. Have you been able to get it to scale up a GIF image to full screen? I tried to look at http://galleria.io/docs/options/maxScaleRatio/ and think I found a place to mess with that code.. but having no luck with getting gif images to scale up to full screen. If there is a way to do this, it would be awesome!
  • alex thompson Hi. I love your plug-in. I had a question though. I am working on a mac-mini with an NEC monitor on Safari. On the settings for my site on Wordpress, I switched to TRUE FULLSCREEN/EXPERIMENTAL. It worked great at first, And it's amazing on a MacbookPro I have as well. But now on my macmini, the monitor is flickering, going wonky whenever I view my posts. Any idea why this might be happening?
  • Petri Damstén It does not work in all browsers/situations. That's why it's called experimental :-) Feature comes from underlying galleria.io architecture. Fullscreen galleria just turns it on or off.
  • nickfeek I'd really like to get this plugin to trigger on page load. Is that possible?
  • Jisper Awesome Plugin!!!! But went wrong with my ajax image uploader. Can I get to know your syntax's name?
  • Petri Damstén Not sure what you mean by syntax’s name?

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