Runokuvaa 2

I went to see the Runo kuvaa 2 exhibition in Helsinki yesterday. It was a nice little exhibition in an atmospheric cellar space. Works in the exhibition show wide variety of photographic and writing styles which I think works really well. If you want to see it it’s open until 2.2 2018 in Helsingin Kellariteatteri, Helsinki, Finland. We also visited the Ateneum which among others had over 300 works from von Wright brothers. They really were masters on guiding viewers with light.

Art is mightier than the sword

Made a modification to the adage “Pen is mightier than the sword” and did some still life for a change. I used just one light to get really tight spot for the setup and then spent some time to get pleasing arrangement. Small changes can affect a lot here.

DIY Charging Station

After a longer photo project wanted to do something different. I have wanted some kind of charging station to clear up the wire mess but my wall space is kind of limited. I have used tool cart for photo use and I thought I could hang it there. With this project I thought I also learn some video editing and shooting and test how my machine handles 4K video. My only 4K capable video camera is iPhone 8 so I shot all the video with it.

Runokuvaa 2

Imperfect is part of the Runokuvaa 2 (Poet pictures) project ( There are eight image series/video and poet pairs in the exhibition in Helsingin Kellariteatteri, Helsinki, Finland 27.1 – 2.2 2018.


You wake up. Rules of vanity are immediately conquering your mind. Your inside is already burning with a small flame in the breakfast table. You go on but imperfection is the only thing you see in the mirror. Nightmares of the night haunt you during the day and you just want to take a nap and see dreams of butterflies. But whats stopping you? Is it time to break the chains of beauty?

I have been working with this picture series for a month now. It took longer than expected because of the holidays, man flu and such… This time the original sketch was pretty accurate and photoshoot took only just an hour (+45min for preparation). I shot this in camera club studio that has more space so that also helped the logistics.