Peeks and Ha Ha! setup

Original idea was to put my son and me to the same picture. It didn’t work and “Ha Ha!” picture has only my son in it. So there was some pictures of me left. I thought that 3×3 grid might look good but after selecting pictures there was only seven that would fit the “Peeks”. I decided to use one hand and one skull for the remaining tiles. I think that was a good thing since filling all nine tiles with similar pictures would have not worked as good as this.

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  • Zolti Hy, I downloaded a plugin you made, "Fullscreen Galleria", and I love it, but I would like to ask how do you display the EXIF data in your descriptions, because mine only shows the title of the images? Also I would like to thank you very much for making me very happy with this plugin, because I was searching for this from a long time ago. Thank you, Zolti
  • Petri Damstén When you go to "Edit Media" there is a "Camera Info" box where you can write the info. I have a script that writes that info to Exif.Image.History tag which is parsed by a Fullscreen Galleria plugin, but I'm not sure if that script is for general use.
  • Zolti Aha, so I guess that the plugin didn't came with the scrip right? :D Too bad, because I really liked it how it displayed the title, description and the EXIF data all together! What bothered me was that it stood very little on the screen and I had to constantly move the mouse so that I can read what it said
  • Petri Damstén I guess I could add it to the plugin, but if I remember correctly php exif cannot read the lens info.
  • Zolti If you want, we can continue this, elsewhere to not flood your post with spamming messages. Anyway, right now I don't have time, but we can discuss this later on, because I think it can be done somehow with or without php.

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