The Gaze and The Pinch

I was planning an image about pig staring at the ass when woman is cleaning the house and bends down?. It felt pretty chauvinistic but it seemed to fit in this series. Man is a pig after all. Well I don’t think enjoying watching your wifes arse is bad at all, but maybe you could help her cleaning the house and not reading the paper. This idea circled in my mind some time but then I wanted to change the gender roles in the image and image seemed just funny. Not something that would be offensive at all? Are our roles this polar that one is totally bad and other is just funny. Or is it just me that finds it this way.

Grey background was easier to carry to downstairs than the kitchen table to the upstairs so I photographed these images there. Again there were so many “moving” parts that I constructed these images from several pieces. It’s pretty easy when everything is photographed in the same light. That drawer was pretty wobbly and back plates fell to the floor when moving it back and forth so next project after shots was to give it some glue and care…

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