My Many Faces
Here is the last image from the paper experiments. It took some time due to other projects and a sore back, but it’s finally ready.
Fuck Off & To stick out one’s tongue
I had this crinkly white paper from some package I had received. Since I was doing a paper-themed shoot, I thought, why not use that too? The end result is this diptych of images, one with the hand and one with the tongue.
Scissors and Cutting Board
The two main parties of the current Finnish government are the far-right party and the economic-right party, which nowadays resemble more redneck Republicans than the enlightened bourgeoisie they perhaps once were. It’s been tough going for the Finnish welfare state. I’ve been pondering for a while now on what style to use for creating a...
Our Couples Portrait
I didn’t want to create a traditional couples portrait. Since I already had this pattern paper set up, I sprayed it with water, which added some extra transparency to it. I think this is my favorite among these paper experiments, and I really like the end result.
Colours of Shadows
I bought this 1m x 50m roll of paper meant for patterning. It’s a bit transparent but has a quite rough pattern. I tested some ideas and ended up photographing three of them over two days. The first one features my wife behind the paper, with three flashes behind her, each equipped with red, blue,...
Foggy Sight
For the last image, I positioned the ‘Smoke loop’ in the hood facing forward. In this image, the smoke trails from the holes can be clearly seen.
For the second image, that ‘smoke loop’ was under my hat. It was a bit of a tight fit, and the smoke came from either side of the hat. There were a couple of good exposures to make this image.
Melting Mind
I made this DIY smoke machine from a vape several years ago. Now, I’ve come up with the idea of attaching it to this tube loop and drilling several holes into it. That way, I can conceal it under my shirt, hood, or hat. This is the first image where the loop was under the...
Silver for Carnival
NFFF Silver for Carnival – A Humorous Photo Show video from Nordiskt Fotomästerskap Bildspel 2024. For this competition entry, I gathered my humorous images created over the years and endeavored to craft a coherent slideshow from them.
Green – Locomotive Served
My wife has this old locomotive bottle. I didn’t fill it with anything since the bottle is already green. Since I really didn’t want to break it, I used double-sided tape to attach it to the tray. It worked well, but I’m not sure if the metal tray was the right option for this since...
Yellow – The Almighty Beer
The only image with real beverage in the glass. I tested yellow ink for this, but it looked bad, so I used beer here. I had to drink it after the photoshoot, so that was a bonus.
Blue – Geometric Drink
The LYV wine bottle has this interesting geometric shape. The bottle was filled with water and navy blue alcoholic ink. I think the blue color in that shape looks even better than the original liquid.
Red – To Be or Not to Be
This photo series was inspired by a photograph from Jonathan Knowles, which in turn was inspired by the excellent TV series “Mad Men”. I think in that image, the drink is also lit from the front, but I decided to use only backlighting and translucent objects with color. For the skull image, I used a...
Cable Relief v3
New L-plate and new tethering cable release, now in version 3. I like this short adapter cable and long cable combination, where the shorter one is attached to the L-plate. The attachment is custom 3D-printed for this SmallRig L-plate and cable. If I happen to yank the cable, either the long or the short cable...
Flash Clock featured in…
“How a Photographer Built the Ultimate DIY Digital Clock Inside a Flash Unit” – Petapixel website“This Diy Clock Was Built Into The Case Of An Old On-Camera Flash” – DIY Photography website
BTS for Flash Clock Hero Shot
Setup and photoshop edit for camera flash hero shot.
Flash Clock
The absolute requirement for this clock was that the time is automatically set. You just plug it into the power source, and it shows the correct time. The previous clock in that space had a 1-minute-per-month accuracy problem, and that was kind of a pain in the ass. I have wanted to test these small...
Colours of Winter Morning
I have a desire to photograph things outside of my usual style more often. While these images may not always turn out to be extraordinary, they contribute to my motivation, and there is always something new to learn that may also be beneficial for my usual work.
Camera Club Logo Design
New logo design for the local camera club, Kuopion Kameraseura, for its 70th-anniversary. The previous logo was generic, so this time, I aimed to incorporate something distinctive from Kuopio. The Puijo Tower is certainly a recognizable landmark in Kuopio.
Edits 2023
As the final task of the year, I compiled a video showcasing my Photoshop edits from 2023, along with lighting diagrams. I typically review these editing videos myself to identify any mistakes I may have made, using them as a learning opportunity. I hope everyone has a happy and successful New Year!