I have always found 1x.com a great place to get inspired and to find great photos. Today I was positively surprised to find that my photo was accepted to the site. Peeks in 1x.com
New Photos Page
I wanted more room for the photos so photos page now fills the browser window. Photos page
Fullscreen Galleria Plugin
I finally got time to add settings page to the fullscreen galleria wordpress plugin. Now it has all the features I originally planned for it so I decided to up the version to 1.0. Fullscreen Galleria WordPress Plugin
Peeks and Ha Ha! setup
Original idea was to put my son and me to the same picture. It didn’t work and “Ha Ha!” picture has only my son in it. So there was some pictures of me left. I thought that 3×3 grid might look good but after selecting pictures there was only seven that would fit the “Peeks”....
Making of: Broken
When photographing ‘Noose’ I did one self-portrait with same style of side lighting. I wanted to do a picture which gives a feeling that your head is exploding and you are just in the edge of losing it so I heavily edited the face with Topaz Adjust plugin. Mask for the cracks and parts missing from the...
I wanted a dramatic side light here and ended to a setup with lot’s of light stands. Photo itself is simple and is probably going to be a cover photo for the Darkest Days book.
HDR Mini Opas / HDR Mini Guide
Paikallisen kameraseuran jäseniltä tuli pyyntö josko voisi järjestää jonkinlaisen koulutusiltaman aiheesta HDR. Tein pienen oppaan jota voi käyttää koulutuksen tukena. Got an request from members of Kuopio Camera Club that some kind of education evening would be nice from HDR. I made small guide to support it. Lataa/Download: Media Page