Crystal Ball World
I started to photograph dandelion for the ‘summer’ theme. I sprayed dandelion with water. I noticed that I have to get even closer than my macro lens allows so I added all my extension tubes to the lens and checked again. Results looked much better. Blue tone was added in post.
Elinchrom vs Yongnuo
To be specific we tested Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4 studio light (Amazon) and Yongnuo YN560 speedlite (Amazon). I wanted to know how speedlite compares to studio ligth. Speedlite was taped on top of the studio light to get similar conditions for both lights. With grey card in the picture ACR gives 5450K for the Elinchrome...
I made a python script that made some statistics from all the photos that I have published to Flickr. Statistics
Many Sides of the Reflector
We took some photos and tested how reflector shows in a photograph. We had a big 5 in 1 100x150cm  oval reflector in camera club studio that has white, black, silver and gold sides. Here are the results (PDF).  
I haven’t made a selfie for a long time. I tried shallow DOF and rough processing this time. Flash was at minimum because the lens was wide open. Black and White conversion was made with Silver Efex Pro.
When I was finishing the coffin my son came to our backyard with his friend and asked “What are you doing?”. “A coffin” I answered. Not sure what his friend was thinking…
Ace of Spades
Local camera club theme of the month is “Music and photography”. “Ace of Spades” is a combination of multiple pictures. Ace itself was on a stick in every picture to get me a fixed point. Hand and some cards were photographed in air. I didn’t have enough magician in me so I had to photograph...